Chinese Harmonious and Syncretic Culture Research Institute of Zhong Yi Feng

Chinese Harmonious and Syncretic Culture Research Institute of Zhong Yi Feng is a non-profit culture research institute established by Zhong Yi Feng Construction Group Co., Ltd. The institute was founded on May 30th in 2018, Ms. Du Guoling, former deputy secretary of Suzhou Municipal Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Suzhou Municipal People's Congress, now director-general of Suzhou Foreign Cultural Exchange Promotion Association, and Mr.Gong Changyi, chairman of Zhong Yi Feng Construction Group, jointly attended the opening ceremony.

Being under the leadership of the party committee of Zhong Yi Feng Construction Group, the institute adopts the dean responsibility system. Professor Zhang Liwen, founder of harmony theory and dean of Confucius institute of China Renmin University, and Yao Yanxiang, former secretary of the party committee and dean of Suzhou urban construction and environmental protection school, now dean of culture research institute of Hanshan Temple, are specially invited as honorary deans of Chinese Harmonious and Syncretic Culture Research Institute of Zhong Yi Feng. Mr. Xue Feng, deputy secretary of party committee, vice president and chairman of the labor union of Zhong Yi Feng Construction Group, is the dean of the institute.

Interpretation to the Logo of the Research Institute

As a symbol of Chinese traditional culture, "fan" has a profound cultural heritage. Rhythms of harmony is displayed during opening and closing. The "fan shape", full of diverse humanistic aesthetics, is widely used in Soviet-style gardens, and is also a symbol of Wu area in southern Yangtze River delta. Rooted in water township of Wu area in southern Yangtze River delta, and moistened by the Soviet-style culture, Zhong Yi Feng is carving the essence of architecture with craftsmanship. Through reorganization of lines, the word "harmony" in the logo is evolved into abstract traditional and modern architectural styles, which not only reflects the rooting in tradition, but also demonstrates the unremitting efforts of pioneering and innovation in the breakthrough. The overall color of the logo is dark blue, which highlights the sense of stability; in the bottom of the logo is a touch of gold color, which means development for hundreds of years. Culture is the foundation, and harmony culture is the cornerstone of a continuous development of Zhong Yi Feng.

Work Content of the Research Institute

Guided by socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics of the new era raised by president Xi Jinping, the institute takes research, inheritance and promotion of harmony culture as its aim, and focuses on the research of harmony thought in traditional Chinese culture and the Wu culture, the spirit of harmony and values of times, harmony culture and social responsibilities of Zhong Yi Feng basing on the Wu culture. Also, promote and expand the research field of Suzhou harmony culture, accelerate the building of socialist spiritual civilization and harmonious society in the new era through various forms of activities such as cultural forum, topic researche, literary creation, cultural creativity and exchange, and cooperation and popularization of harmony culture.

Harmony Forum

The Harmony Forum is a well-known academic exchange platform in the field of research on contemporary harmony culture, it is also a cultural brand created by Professor Yao Yanxiang, the pioneer of Suzhou harmony culture research, after he took the position of dean of Hanshan Temple Culture Institute. Since 2007, with the theme of "Harmony Culture", the "Hanshan Temple Cultural Forum" has been held once every year, and 11 consecutive sessions have been held so far. The themes from the first to the eleventh session were "culture inheriting, harmonious earth", "harmonious earth, harmonious society", "charitable earth,harmonious society ", "harmonious earth, harmonious world", " synergy of multi-conditions, harmonious society", "harmonious Wu Area, harmonious society", "celebrity and famous temples, synergy of conditions” “ecological civilization, a harmonious world", "advocating harmony, seeking for common goal", "Harmony Road, common fate", "Hanshan people with harmonious and united minds". It can be seen that the greatest feature of this forum, which is actually “culture forum for harmony”, is its long-term concern and focus on the research of harmony culture. In order to further broaden the influence and coverage range of the forum, it was officially renamed as the "Harmony Forum" since the 11th session. The title of the forum was written by Mr. Zhang Liwen, the founder of the "Harmony Forum" and the first-level professor of China Renmin University. In the 11th session of Forum, 1554 papers were received, including more than 1,000 authors and over 10 million words. And eleven proceedings were officially published, which exerted a great influence in Buddhism, academia, society and even the international community. The 12th session of "Harmony forum" will be held in late 2018. The greatest change of this forum is that Zhong Yi Feng Construction Group Co., Ltd will be acting as the organizer, undertaking the preparatory, organizing and follow-up work of the forum, participating in and taking charge of the organizing work. With the harmony culture as company culture, Zhong Yi Feng Construction Group will contribute its strength and wisdom for the sustainable development of the Harmony Forum, and shoulder its social responsibility for the culture of harmony research institute by supporting





































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