Harmony Charity Foundation of Zhong Yi Feng

Funded and named by Zhong Yi Feng Group, Harmony Charity Foundation of Zhong Yi Feng is affiliated to the Suzhou Philanthropic Association, and is mainly used for the public welfare undertakings of helping the disadvantaged groups through poverty alleviation, voluntary teaching, impoverished students assistance, the disabled and weak aid, and disaster relief. Established in September of 2017, the foundation has been successful in helping poor families, and has won reputation from the society.

The company has also set up an administration committee specially for the management of Harmony Charity Foundation of Zhong Yi Feng. The committee is the governing body of all charitable undertakings of the group. The leadership of the company has always adhered to the concept of running a company, which is, "caring for the employees, bearing in mind the development of the company, and always remembering the social responsibilities". While achieving good economic benefits and continuous increase in the income of the employees, the company will never forget to repay the society and devote itself enthusiastically to various social charity activities.

Serving the society through donations to various public welfare and charity organizations. Over the years, the company has donated annually to municipal and district charitable foundations, glorious cause promotion associations, volunteer foundations, and the "charity supermarkets" held in Xiyuan Temple, Hanshan Temple and Guanshan Temple, which has provided support to the development of social philanthropy.

Providing compassion by participating in special charitable activities carried out by governments at all levels and charitable organizations. The company has participated in the charitable activities carried out by local government and communities, such as "warm winter action", " one-day charity donation", "dream-realizing action", "neighborhood love", "Aunt King", "happing living under sunshine", and has won praises from the society.

Being enthusiastic in educational undertakings and carrying out donation and education assistance activities, the company has set up a grant-in-aid fund in some universities, middle schools and primary schools in Suzhou city to help needy students and reward outstanding teachers and students. Also, the company has formed a partnership with primary and secondary schools in Sichuan earthquake-stricken areas to help improve teaching facilities of schools and children who have lost their loved ones to pull through.

Making wide publicity in the company to create a good atmosphere of mutual help and care, and charity passion. The company has established youth volunteer associations and staff welfare associations with the aim of serving and repaying the society, and has carried out regular voluntary activities such as accompanying the elderly in homes for the aged and children with mental retardation in Angel homes. When families of employees encounter sudden difficulties due to illness or calamity, the company and employees have repeatedly launched fund-raising activities to solve the urgent needs of employees. In the founding ceremony of Youth Volunteer Association, more than 70,000 yuan RMB of charity funds was collected and donated to relevant charitable organizations. After the earthquakes in Yushu of Qinghai and Ya'an of Sichuan, employees of the company were eager to donate money to the disaster-affected people.

Making social responsibility reports, publicizing the public welfare activities and social donations that the company has participated in, keeping employees and the society being informed of what the company has done in returning to society, having employees feel the company's commitment to bear in mind its social responsibility, and take pride for it.

According to incomplete statistics in recent years, the company has donated to various kinds of social charity organizations, realizing its promise of returning to the society. The company has also been rated as the most loving donation company in Suzhou in 2015 and 2107, having won the recognition of the government and the society.